The market competence service

In the building of transportation structures, in hydraulic engineering, in the construction of increasingly more sophisticated landfill waste disposal facilities:

With us you have the certainty to acquire a material exactly suited to ground conditions, the type of structure, its mechanical needs and physical strains - from all kinds and types of geosynthetics through to appropriate pipe systems.

Just in time.

Because logistics is one of the strengths of our distribution know-how. Our international network of well known manufacturers, and our reliable distribution associates, guarantee an optimal delivery service.

Zertifikate The competence of tested quality

We maintain intensive contact with construction practice.

We test our products internationally, together with university institutes and specialised organisations. This places us in the position to continuously adapt our product portfolio to technical innovations. Further, it permits us to meet all national requirements and standards and, very importantly, it enables us to provide expert advice to our associates.